Harness Racing

Coolest thing on two wheels

Outdoor racing! Indoor comfort! The action doesn’t stop just because it’s cold outside! Drinks, dinner, Harness Racing, casino—it’s a perfect winter’s night out! From the middle of November to the end of February, we host Harness racing, where the best Standardbred horses pull skilled drivers in sulkies for a full mile.

Harness racing differs from Thoroughbred racing in the way it prioritizes driver strategy above all else. The horses all race at a specific pace, meaning that two legs on the same side move together and two feet are always on the ground, as opposed to the more common trot. Because of this, the skills of the driver often matter as much as the natural speed of the horse, making each race an exciting and unique experience.

Thank you for being a part of another amazing Harness Racing season!

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