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Some Facts to Think About

  • Favourites Win 33% of the time
  • Favourites Place (1st or 2nd) 57% of the time
  • Favourites Show (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 70% of the time
  • The tips above are intended as a guide based on historical results and do not represent actual or implied future performance. Yes, we have to say it legally, but also it’s true-any horse can come out of nowhere and blow the favourites away!


  • Standardbred– The breed of a horse that races a standard one mile and pulls a “sulky” or racing bike behind it that the driver sits in.
  • Thoroughbred-The breed of a horse that races variable distances on turf and dirt tracks with a jockey on its back.
  • Blinkers– The hood with eye-cups worn by horses to limit peripheral vision and avoid distractions.
  • Chalk – The wagering favourite in the race.
  • Dead Heat – Two or more horses finishing a race in a tie.
  • Furlong – One eighth of a mile. This is the distance multiplied to create the length of a thoroughbred race.
  • Length – The distance between a horse’s nose and base of its tail-an average of eight feet.
  • Maiden – A horse that has never won a race. A maiden race is a field full of horses that haven’t won yet.
  • Photo Finish – A result so close it is necessary to use a special finish line camera to determine the exact order of the finish.
  • Silks – The colourful shirts that the jockeys wear during a race.
  • Colours – The colourful suits that drivers wear during a race.
  • Scratch – A horse who has been withdrawn from the race, prior to its running.